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History of the press

Starting from 1993, the publishing of academic books, which in the previous 40 years had been run by the Reprography Centre at the Petroleum-Gas University in Ploieşti, has been taken over by the newly-arrived Petroleum-Gas University Publishing House, Ploieşti, with improved quality standards concerning the validity of the content and the graphic design. Our publishing covers mainly teaching materials destined to the learning process at the academic level – study books, laboratory guides – but also includes other specialized academic research outputs, meeting the professional needs of our teaching staff and students as well as of other customers.

Self-financed, the academic scientific books printed by our Publishing House fully meet the requirements of our students and of numerous outer experts, by way of printing runs based on rigorous analysis and by way of reasonable prices.

Petroleum-Gas University Publishing House also offers authors outside the University the possibility to publish any kind of scientific, technical or literary works or works from any other domains.

Special attention is paid to the scientific review of publications, carried out according to our Publishing House’s operating code regulations by academics and/or experienced experts in the field.

The Publishing House permanently seeks to ensure the faultlessness of the text and competitive designs, implementing the most recent desktop-publishing and printing techniques. The Publishing House has its own printing press, fitted with proper equipment and appurtenances. Petroleum-Gas University Publishing House, Ploieşti, is certified by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS).

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